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Wine Cellar Cooling Systems in Larkspur, CO

What is a wine cellar cooling unit?

When you want to properly store and age wine, you must think beyond the cellar. A well-crafted cellar is only part of what goes into proper wine storage, and the temperature and humidity must be controlled to maintain your wine’s quality, taste, and longevity. A wine cellar cooling unit is designed to control the environment in which you store your wine so that it will remain in top condition.

Why is a wine cellar cooling unit important?

The flavor of wine can be compromised by even slight changes in temperature. Even at temperatures as low as 70 degrees, wine can start to age rapidly, so the best way to store your wine is to keep it between 45 and 65 degrees. A refrigerator will work if you only have a bottle or two and plan to drink them quickly, but if you want to do any serious wine storage, it’s essential to keep it at a controlled temperature. Additionally, the humidity must be carefully controlled: too little moisture and your corks will dry out, but if there’s too much, you risk mold.

What are the different types of wine cellar cooling units available?

Wine cellar cooling systems come in a variety of sizes, options, and designs. People who just need small wine cellar cooling units can choose a through-the wall cooling unit, for cost-effective climate control in a small or mid-sized space. This kind of system is self-contained, like a window air conditioner, and doesn’t require ductwork or refrigeration lines. These units are a bit noisy, and they will be visible in the cellar, but they provide effective climate control and are economical.

Ducted wine cellar cooling units are a great option if you have the capability to vent your cooling unit to a location about 25 feet outside of your cellar. A self-contained unit, a ducted system is connected by ductwork to your cooling system. This works for any size cellar, doesn’t take up much cellar space, and is quieter than a through-the-wall unit.

The quietest, longest-lasting option for wine cellars 200 to 2,000 square feet in area is the redundant split system. This top-of-the-line cooling system is installed by HVAC professionals, either indoors or outdoors, and provides the most precise control of temperature and humidity. Because it circulates cool air, not cold, this kind of system prevents wine from cooling too quickly, so it helps preserve the taste.

Types of Wine Cellar Cooling Systems in Larkspur, CO

How to Choose the Right Wine Cellar Cooler Unit for Your Needs

You don’t have to buy the most expensive unit, as long as you buy one that suits your space. If you have a wine cellar basement, the darkness and cool temperature may mean you don’t need a cooling system. However, because temperatures can fluctuate, even in a wine cellar, it’s wise to invest in a cooling system to protect the quality of your wine. Think about the size of your wine cellar, measured in cubic feet, and consult with a professional to determine the right wine cellar cooling unit for you. Note: a glass wine cellar or wine room will need a larger unit than a traditional cellar.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Wine Cellar Cooling Unit

In addition to the area you desire to cool, there are some additional factors to consider when choosing your wine cellar cooling unit. Make sure you have the right power requirements, and that the unit is sufficient to control the temperature in your space. Consider, too, your wine cellar’s insulation, because inadequate insulation can disrupt the temperature and humidity, adversely affecting the wine.

Tips for Maintaining Your Wine Cellar Cooling Unit

When your unit is installed, ensure that it has adequate ventilation. You will also need to clean the evaporator and condenser coils every few months, and check the drain line to make sure it’s unobstructed. If your unit is ducted, check the ductwork for cracks and leaks, and clean or replace the filters regularly, according to the manufacturer’s instructions. If you choose Red Leaf Solutions for your wine cellar cooling unit, you won’t have to worry too much about maintenance, because we will handle that for you.

Find Wine Cooling Systems From the Top Names in the Industry from Red Leaf Solutions

Once you’ve decided on the right wine cellar cooling unit, the team at Red Leaf Solutions will manage the design, installation, and maintenance for you, to make sure it delivers the consistent climate your wine requires. Built on a passion for wine, Red Leaf Solutions Is committed to creating stunning spaces for you to store and display your wine selection. Our relationships with top materials manufacturers, combined with our outstanding eye for detail, make us the perfect choice for building a custom wine cellar, using quality construction and superior products, at affordable prices. Whether you are a business looking for creative liquor store displays or a homeowner seeking liquor cabinet ideas, we can help. With the goal of spreading the love of wine and allowing enthusiasts to share their passion and show off their collections, we create custom solutions for customers in Larkspur, CO, and the surrounding areas. If you’d like more information about our services, or to schedule a consultation, call 303-309-6262 or contact us through our website.