Install Custom Wine Cellar Doors in Larkspur, CO

We Create and Install Customized Wine Cellar Doors

At Red Leaf Solutions, we want every inch of your wine cellar to look stunning. That’s why our custom wine cellar design and installation services include a custom wine cellar door. The door is the first impression guests get of your cellar, and we all know how important that is.  Our team can create your dream wine cellar door and have it installed within the construction timeline. All our doors are unique to fit your discriminating taste, budget, and wine cellar—in other words, no two doors are alike.

We’ll help you choose the perfect type of wood to complement the style of your house and the overall design of the cellar. All doors are fully insulated, just like the front door to your home. We offer a beautiful variety of woods, which can be stained or painted as you prefer. You can also get a plain or ornate window in the door. Regardless of your choice, all are double-paned to keep the warm air out and the cool air in.

A wine cellar with good taste inside and out

Your door welcomes guests with a feeling that says they’ll be even more impressed by the fine wines presented inside. A sturdy door should be accompanied by a trusty lock to allow entry only to those you allow, and our doors offer the security you need to put your mind at ease. Just like your home’s front door keeps the elements from entering the living space, the right wine cellar door will provide the insulation you need for the most efficient, effective temperature and humidity within the cellar. And our custom doors are made to order, so you can match your door to the décor in the rest of your home.

The following wine cellar door styles are available:

  • Contemporary
  • Modern
  • Traditional
  • Old World
  • Metal paneling
  • Glass paneling
  • Etched
  • Custom ironwork

Doors for unconditioned cellars

If your wine cellar is located in a cool basement and you choose to go with an unconditioned design, we will create a custom iron or wood gate to further enhance the space. All our doors are custom-crafted by our design staff to exceed your expectations. We have the experience, expertise, and trained eye to help you fashion a door that matches your personality and individual style. After all, this will be a door that makes a statement about you, the rest of your home, and the supreme quality of your wine collection.

You might decide on a plain gate, or perhaps a door with meticulous scrollwork. As with our insulted doors, you get to choose the style and finish, all beautifully applied by our expert craftsmen, as well as the wood species you desire. If it’s a metal gate you’re after, we have a variety of finishes for that, too. Whatever your preference, your wine cellar door will be the gateway to a wonderful wine-tasting experience.

Go through our wine cellar doors FAQs here. Contact our team for a complimentary in-home design consultation.

Wine Cellar Doors by Red Leaf Solutions

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