Wine Cellar Cooler Repair in Denver, CO

It’s important to store your wine at the optimal temperature and humidity to ensure your wine ages correctly. If your cooling unit needs service or repair, Red Leaf Solutions in Denver will diagnose and repair the problem to protect your investment.

We can service and repair all makes and models of wine cooling equipment—whether we originally installed it or not.

Wine Cellar Cooler Maintenance

Like any mechanical or electrical system, your wine cooler needs maintenance to keep it running at optimum efficiency. Compressors and motors need service, coolants need recharging, and filters and gaskets need replacement. Even if your cooler seems to be working fine, it should be inspected annually to make sure all of the components are in good working order. Red Leaf Solutions can maintain your wine cooler no matter its make, model, or size.

Common Wine Cellar Cooler Problems

Wine cellars are designed to keep your wine room at a constant temperature and humidity to ensure proper aging. If your cellar conditions are deteriorating, there are a couple of items to assess before calling for service.


Temperature affects the way your wine ages because the tannins and other components of your wine react differently to heat. The optimum temperature for storing wine is between 55 – 59 degrees.

If you’re not certain of the temperature in your wine cellar, you can put a digital thermometer inside to measure it. If your room is too warm, check the breaker box to ensure you have power to the cooler. You can also shut the unit off, let it rest for a couple hours and restart it. If you notice water dripping from the unit or ice buildup on the evaporator, turn the unit off and call Red Leaf Solutions for service right away.


Humidity won’t directly affect your wine, but it will affect the bottle, which could end up ruining your wine. This is especially true in an arid place like Denver. Wine should be stored between 50-70% humidity regardless of type. Low humidity will cause the cork will dry out and shrink, allowing air into the bottle. This can happen even if your wine bottle is stored horizontally. If your wine cooler doesn’t have a humidity controller, put a pan of water or a wet sponge in it to raise the humidity. If the humidity is too high, it could cause the label to peel off or disintegrate. Check the door gasket to make sure there are no gaps allowing the humidity to escape. If you have a humidifier and the humidity is still too low, contact Red Leaf Solutions for service.


Wine should be stored in a dark place. UV light can break down the chemical compounds that give your wine its flavor and character. If your wine cooler has a clear glass door, make sure it’s positioned away from direct sunlight and florescent lights.

If you find any problems with your wine cellar cooling unit, Red Leaf Solutions offers a full range of repair services for split-system, ducted and through-the-wall units. Read our wine cellar cooler FAQs here.

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