Wine Cellar Climate Control System in Denver, CO

Keep Your Denver Wine Cellar’s Temperature and Humidity Regulated

If you have a custom wine cellar installed in your home, it is important to control the cellar temperature and humidity to ensure your wine is kept at optimal temperatures for proper aging and taste. Without a climate control system, your wine may become too warm or too cold for your liking, which may even permanently alter the taste of your favorite vintages.

At Red Leaf Solutions, we not only design and install custom wine cellars, but also install climate control systems. We are the Denver region’s industry leaders in wine cooling systems. Let us help you select the best climate control system for your wine cellar.

Types of wine cellar climate control systems

Our wine cellar climate control systems come in a variety of sizes, options, and designs.

Through-the-wall unit

A through-the-wall cooling unit is a cost-effective way to control the climate of your small or mid-size wine cellar for optimal temperature and humidity. These systems don’t need any ductwork or refrigeration lines and are totally self-contained, much like a window air conditioner. They do require a larger interior area outside the wine cellar for proper venting. They’re designed to mount between the studs into the wine cellar, so the unit will be visible in the cellar. This dependable design is a bit noisier than other wine cellar options, but effective and economical.

Ducted system

If you have a way to vent your cooling unit to a location up to approximately 25 feet outside the cellar, a ducted cooling system may be the way to go. The unit is self-contained, but is connected to ductwork that runs from the cooling system to the wine cellar. This allows for the flow of cool air into the cellar and warm air out. A ducted system makes for an attractive presentation inside the cellar, and works for any size cellar, whether in a larger residential or a commercial setting. The units take up less space in the cellar, allowing you to store more wine, and are quieter than a through-the-wall unit.

Redundant split system

Installed by one of our HVAC professionals, a split cooling system is the top-of-the-line, longest-lasting option for cellars ranging from 200 to 2,000 square feet. These systems can be installed indoors or out, providing the most accurate temperature and humidity settings. They’re extremely quiet and vibration free—especially when installed outdoors, like a central air conditioning system. The cool—not cold—air these systems generate keeps your wine from cooling down too quickly, potentially disturbing the taste of your favorite vintages. They also work great in areas with cold or hot temperature extremes.

We’ll manage design, installation, and maintenance

After you’ve selected your ideal climate control system, our professional team will manage the installation, service, and maintenance so it will consistently deliver the climate your wine requires. All the cooling system brands we offer are constructed by the top names in the industry, and can last for many years.

Check out our climate control system FAQs here. Schedule your free in-home design consultation to learn more.

Wine Cellar Cooling System in Denver

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