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Wine Cellar Ideas For Small Spaces in Larkspur, CO

Synopsis: Are you in need of a wine room cooling unit for your wine room? Finding the right cooling unit for your wine room requires some research. Your wine room’s needs are unique and each system offers its own specific features. Red Leaf Solutions can help you find the best match for your wine room.

If you love wine, then maybe you have or need an home custom wine cooling unit to better preserve your wine and its flavor. Controlling the temperature with a wine room cooling unit will help you ensure that your wine is kept at optimal temperatures for the wine’s proper aging and taste. Red Leaf Solutions can both design and install custom wine cellars. We can also install a climate control system, or wine cooling unit, that will meet your specific needs.

Do you need a special wine room cooling unit for your wine rooms?

Build A Wine Cellar in Larkspur, CO

Knowing how to cool a wine room will help you make your decision. While an AC unit can help, it is not used year-round. Your wine room will need to remain between 50°F- 65 °F, much cooler than you would likely keep your home even with the AC on! To maintain these temperatures, then, a separate wine cooling system is necessary.

3 Types of Cooling Units

There are three main types of wine cooling systems.

1. Non-Ducted, Self-Contained Cooling System

The non-ducted, self-contained cooling system, or through the wall system, works similarly to a window AC unit. A hole is cut into the wall of your wine cellar and cool air comes out of the side of the unit facing the cellar. No vents are required with this system, which makes its placement extremely important so that it works efficiently because the part on the opposite side of the cellar will vent excess heat put off from the unit. These systems are only efficient in heat up to 105°F. Additionally, there is a bit more noise with this system, especially on the exhaust side. Another consideration is that repairs require the system to be removed, which may permanently alter the taste of your wines.


  • Affordable (starts at $1,200)
  • Easy installation (can be a DIY project)
  • Convenient, especially if converting a space
  • Built in temperature and humidity control


  • Noisy
  • May be inconvenient because it sticks out of the wall
  • Entire unit must be removed for repairs
  • Not for larger areas

2. Ducted Cooling System

Ducted cooling systems are ideal for cellars of all sizes and work with more efficiency. A self-contained container is completely ducted from both the evaporator and the condenser components. A ducted split system has a separate condenser and evaporator which are connected by a line set. This system operates more closely to a traditional HVAC unit by having one part inside and one part outside of the home and using ducts to deliver cold air into the wine cellar through a vent.


  • Quiet
  • Can cool wine cellars of all sizes, up to 3,300 cubic feet
  • hidden/ only see a vent
  • Less vibrations


  • More expensive ($1,995)
  • Requires a professional HVAC service for installation
  • More complicated installation due to duct work being installed within the walls

3. Redundant Split System

There are two components in a redundant split system: An evaporator and a remote condensing unit.

Split systems can be either ductless or ducted. If they are set up to be ductless, the evaporator will be secured to the wall and the condenser will be located remotely in order to decrease the amount of noise as well as vibrations that may cause harm to the wine. If the split system is ducted then the condenser and evaporator are positioned away from the wine cooling room and the cool air travels through ducts and vents to reach the room.While they are noise-free, they are also more expensive.


  • Most affordable for a larger cellar ($2,200)
  • Much quieter than a non-ducted, self-contained cooling system
  • Can be repaired or serviced on site without the need for removal


  • Louder than a ducted system
  • More expensive for a smaller wine room
  • Not all units control humidity, but can upgrade to have this option
  • Must be installed by an HVAC professional

The Best Wine Room Cooling Unit Brands

When shopping for wine room cooling systems, the top selling brands include:

  • WhisperKOOL
  • Breezeaire
  • CellarPro
  • CellarCool
  • N’FINITY DIgital Cooling
  • Wine-Mate

The Importance of a Proper Cooling Unit for Wine Rooms

A cooling unit for wine rooms is the heartbeat. These systems enable the proper temperature to preserve the flavor and aging of your wine collection, while increasing the value as well as the quality of the entire collection.

Red Leaf Solutions LLC  believes in enhancing homes with eye-catching wine cellars. We want to design custom cellars that are beautiful and provide the proper environment to help you create expertly designed and crafted wine cellars that will improve your wine-drinking experience. We will assist you in finding the right wine room cooler unit as well as provide proper and professional installation with HVAC professionals. If you still have questions, learn more about wine cellar climate control systems service through our FAQs. Contact us to learn more about how we can help make your wine cooling room dreams come true!