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Wine Cellar Ideas For Small Spaces in Larkspur, CO

Why Convert a Closet into a Wine Cellar?

Have you dreamed of a wine cellar, but felt it was out of reach? Maybe you have a modest home, and you’ve only seen wine cellars on huge properties. On the other hand, maybe you live somewhere that a cellar is not possible. In any case, a closet wine cellar may be the solution you’ve been in search of but never imagined possible! The option to turn a closet into a wine cellar is absolutely within reach, and Red Leaf Solutions can make it happen for you.

Benefits of Having a Wine Cellar in Your Home

If you enjoy fine wine, you probably have at least considered having a wine cellar in your home. There are plenty of ways to accomplish this, but if you are working with a closet, small wine cellar ideas will be the way to go. A closet is ideal for this purpose, because small wine cellars that make the most of every inch of space are often the very best places to store wine, especially because they are easy spaces in which to control the temperature and humidity. You might think a wine refrigerator will be just as good, but those are not designed for long-term storage.

What to Consider When Choosing a Closet to Convert

When you’re ready to convert a closet to a wine cellar, choose your space carefully. Wine should be kept somewhere dark and cool, to promote a longer lifespan and help it age gracefully. This is why a closet is perfect- closets are dark, enclosed spaces that work well for storing wine. Your closet shouldn’t have a window or glass door, but even a small closet is large enough to hold a significant amount of wine. A standard walk-in closet can hold up to 700 bottles, but even a reach-in closet can be configured to hold up to 275 bottles.

Small Wine Cellar Ideas in Larkspur, CO

Step-by-Step Guide to Converting a Closet into a Wine Cellar

Knowing how to build a wine cellar in a closet is a matter of being familiar with wine storage and the environment you will need. Here, we offer a step by step guide to help you understand the process.

  • Choose the Right Closet: We’ve touched on this briefly, but there are some additional factors to consider. The closet should not be near a heat source, because this can damage the wine. You should not choose a closet in or near the laundry room, or in a well-trafficked area, because vibrations can disrupt the sediment, creating a chemical reaction that gives the wine a dull taste. For that reason, a closet wine cellar under the stairs might not be ideal.
  • Insulate the Closet: Choose insulation that will help control not only the temperature but also the humidity, preferably a thick insulation with a high R-value. Cover with the type of drywall used in bathrooms and other damp environments, known as “green board.”
  • Install a Wine Cellar Cooling System: Wine should be kept at a steady 55 degrees, so a cooling system is essential. A non-ducted, self-contained cooling system may be the right choice for a wine closet.
  • Seal the Closet Door and Any Windows: If you can’t avoid a window in the closet, at least cover it and make sure it’s not letting in any air. Similarly, make sure the door fits tightly into the frame and there is no space under the door to disrupt the temperature and humidity of the wine closet. Keeping the doors and windows sealed tightly will allow your wine cooling unit to run more efficiently.
  • Install Wine Racks: Some people opt for simple shelves, but it’s better to choose storage designed to hold wine bottles. There are a variety of different options available, from the purely functional to the decorative.
  • Add Lighting and Other Finishing Touches: LED lighting is a good option, because it doesn’t emit UV rays that can diminish the quality of the wine. Consider your flooring, too. A concrete floor is ideal, but may not be possible in a closet wine cellar. Any flooring that can be properly sealed will work, though, provided it can withstand the humidity.

Tips for Converting a Closet into a Wine Cellar

Converting a closet into a wine cellar can be a DIY project, as long as you have some construction and HVAC experience. However, if you want to go beyond wine stored on your closet shelves, our best advice is to seek the help of a professional wine cellar designer. By working with a professional, you can be certain that your wine closet will function the way it should and keep your wine in top condition. What’s more, an experienced professional will be able to show you the different options available to you, in terms of wine racks, lighting, cooling, and more.

Building a Wine Seller in the Closet? Leave it to the Professionals

Once you’ve decided you want a wine cellar closet, there is really no need to build it yourself. The team at Red Leaf Solutions can build anything you dream off, handling design, installation, and maintenance, so that you can see your vision realized. Built on a passion for wine, Red Leaf Solutions Is committed to creating stunning spaces for you to store and display your wine selection. Our relationships with top materials manufacturers, combined with our outstanding eye for detail, make us the perfect choice for building a custom wine cellar, using quality construction and superior products, at affordable prices. Whether you are a business looking for creative liquor store displays or a homeowner seeking liquor cabinet ideas, we can help. With the goal of spreading the love of wine and allowing enthusiasts to share their passion and show off their collections, we create custom solutions for customers in Larkspur, CO, and the surrounding areas. If you’d like more information about our services, or to schedule a consultation, call 303-309-6262 or contact us through our website.