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Traditional Wine Cellars in Larkspur, CO

Larkspur’s Choice for Traditional Wine Cellars

Rich woods and classic details make the feel of a traditional wine cellar unique to any home or businessRed Leaf Solutions designs and installs stunning traditional wine cellars in Larkspur, CO. We use natural, durable wood to create a warm environment for your wine cellar. For more than 20 years, we’ve served the area with customized wine cellars and wine lockers. Our tailored wine cellars complement the look and feel of your home or business. We’ll help you design the perfect traditional wine cellar to meet the needs of your surroundings.

Traditional Wine Cellar Options at Red Leaf Solutions

A traditional wine cellar design pays tribute to the first wine cellars designed with intricate details and beauty. Traditional wine cellars offer a luxurious, warm look and feel from the wine racks to the entryway. Now let’s talk about the flooring, ceiling, and walls. The most popular traditional wine cellar options include natural stone, tile, brick, wood floors, stone columns, and barrelled ceilings. Many people love traditional wood racking along the staircase with case storage. Granite countertops, brick ceilings, or stone floors are the perfect addition to complement the rich look of wood. We also consider the design of your traditional wine cellar doors. We’ll create a fully insulated, unique door that can be stained or painted to perfection.

Traditional Wine Cellar Climate

Traditional wine cellars are commonly built-in dark, dry areas of the home. The most popular woods used for wine cellar racks include mahogany and redwood for their natural ability to withstand the humid, cool environment of a wine cellar. No matter the wood you choose for your traditional wine cellar design, we can control the temperature and humidity in any room with our climate control systems. Our climate control system helps any type of wood stay healthy while keeping your wine at optimal temperatures for taste and aging.

Why Choose Us for Traditional Wine Cellar Installation?

Red Leaf Solutions is excited to help you design a traditional wine cellar to bring your dreams of a beautiful way to display your wine to life. Our unique, customized traditional wine cellars combined with our stellar customer service ensure a positive experience. We offer free, in-home design consultations to showcase our stunning designs. Our wine cellars not only give you a place to store your wine collection but also offer breathtaking aesthetics. No matter how big or small an area, we’ll create the best storage for your wine.

Contact Red Leaf Solutions Today

Our expertise and expansive line of manufacturers ensure a positive experience with us. At Red Leaf Solutions, we only offer the best in design for your traditional wine cellar. Our experienced team provides comprehensive services to plan, design, and build your traditional wine cellar. Whether you’re building a new room or want to install a wine cellar in your current layout, we’re here for you. We invite you to contact us today for a free, no-obligation consultation. Contact us today to learn more.