• Home Saunas

    Home Saunas in Larkspur, CO

    Enjoy All the Benefits of a Sauna

    What’s your favorite way to relax after a long day at work? Of course, we love having a glass of wine to close out the day, but that certainly isn’t the only way to unwind. Sauna treatments are another popular way to get some much-needed relaxation. But driving to a sauna across town might only serve to add extra stress to your day. Why not install a sauna in your very own home? At Red Leaf Solutions, we’re well-versed in the sauna installation process. Over our decades of experience, we’ve worked with numerous Larkspur, CO homeowners, bringing them a brand-new relaxation space. Find out which of our sauna offerings is right for you.


    Types of Saunas

    At Red Leaf Solutions, we want to give you a sauna perfectly tailored to your wants and needs. As such, we offer a couple of different types of saunas to choose from. Our seasoned team will listen to your preferences and recommend the steam room best suited to you. Our experts can install either of the following:

    • Custom Saunas: You deserve a sauna that fits perfectly within your home’s layout. Our team will work with you to design the home sauna you’ve always wanted. We can include special features or take steps to keep costs as low as possible. Once we’ve finalized the design, we can also take care of the entire construction and installation processes. Should you run into any technical problems afterward, you can always give us a call for maintenance!
    • Infrared Saunas: Unlike a traditional sauna, this type of sauna uses infrared heaters to produce detoxifying and healing effects on the body. Beyond the health benefits, infrared saunas also tend to be more energy efficient when compared with traditional options.

    How You Can Benefit From a Sauna

    While saunas aren’t a substitute for visiting your doctor, they can bring plenty of mental and physical health benefits. Depending on your specific health concerns, having a sauna in the convenience of your own home might be very helpful. Here are just a few of the sauna benefits you could take advantage of:

    • Improved Circulation: Raising your body’s temperature also raises your heart rate, increasing blood circulation. Sauna treatments are a good way to mimic the effects of exercise without physical activity (though they are not a replacement for exercise in the long term).
    • Reduced Stress: Many people use their saunas as a way to relax and unwind from a stressful day. Those who take a seat in their saunas regularly tend to have lower stress levels and an easier time staying asleep.
    • Hydrated Skin: Sessions in your new sauna can go a long way toward hydrating the skin. Plus, sauna treatments can open clogged pores and firm up the skin. If you have skin problems, be sure to consult your doctor before getting a sauna, as symptoms might worsen.
    • Enhanced Mood: Some studies over the years have shown a link between sauna use and improved mood. While research hasn’t yet found any concrete associations, it seems that saunas positively affect mental health.
    • Pain Relief: If you struggle with chronic pain or stiff muscles, saunas may help relieve your symptoms. Heat makes the muscles more flexible and can alleviate the soreness you feel after exercising.
    • Increased Immune Response: Studies suggest that regular sauna sessions can reduce your chances of catching a cold or flu. According to these findings, heat speeds the production of white blood cells, which fight off illnesses.

    Is a Home Sauna for Me?

    Despite the numerous benefits of an infrared sauna, sauna treatments aren’t recommended for everyone. People with high blood pressure or cardiovascular problems should always consult their doctor before using a sauna. Regardless of any preexisting conditions, we recommend taking these precautions before stepping into a home sauna:

    • Limit alcohol consumption
    • Drink lots of water beforehand
    • Spend no more than 20 minutes in the sauna at a time (no more than 15 for children)
    • Stay out of the sauna while you’re sick

    Get in Touch With Red Leaf Solutions

    Does a sauna sound like a great way to relax after a stressful day? Get in touch with Red Leaf Solutions to learn more about the design, construction, and installation processes. We can do it all, and we’ll make sure to keep you updated every step of the way. Let our team know your size specifications and budget, and we’ll make every effort to keep the project affordable. Take your Larkspur home to the next level—contact us today.

  • Custom Wine Racks

    Red Leaf Solutions Creates Custom Wine Racks in Larkspur, CO

    What Are the Benefits of Custom Wine Racks for Your Home?

    Wine connoisseurs enjoy collecting wines by vintage, region, grape variety, type, price, and many other characteristics. Wines typically improve their taste and aroma with age, making collecting, storing, and savoring them a worthy pastime for people of all ages. Caring for wines is more challenging than other collections. For starters, proper wine storage is essential to maintain the quality of the wines. Wines must be stored under specific conditions to prevent them from spoiling and ruining your investment.

    The concept of having a wine cellar used to be reserved only for fine dining establishments or the upper classes. However, as more people have developed a taste for wine collecting, the demand for home wine cellar racks has also been on the rise in recent years. Red Leaf Solutions has been your local source for custom wine racks in Larkspur, CO and surrounding areas for over two decades. Our team of experts can build you an attractive, one-of-a-kind wine racking system in your home that you’ll appreciate for many years to come. Reach out today to request a free in-home design consultation!

    Custom Wine Racks in Denver, CO

    Most Popular Types of Modern Wine Racks Include Metal & Wood

    Modern wine racks for the home come in numerous materials and configurations to suit any layout, budget, or preference. Wall-mounted stainless steel, polished aluminum, or metal wine racks allow you to conserve space without sacrificing how many bottles you can store at a time. We’ve crafted floor-to-ceiling custom racking solutions that are as practical as they are beautiful to behold. If you have your heart set on wooden wine racks, Red Leaf Solutions sources the highest quality woods. Whether you prefer walnut, maple, mahogany, hickory, or redwood, you won’t find a better selection than what we provide to our customers. We can build your new wine storage racks single-, double-, or triple-deep to display your collection in the best light possible while giving you ample room to grow your collection.

    Home Wine Racking Solutions Customized to Your Preferences

    Red Leaf Solutions can install various types of custom wine racks in your Colorado home. Our custom wine racking solutions include individual bottle storage, diamond bin storage, and case storage systems. The number of bottles you plan on storing and the length of storage time usually dictate which type of racking system we recommend. Diamond bin or case storage tend to be better solutions if you’re storing wine bottles in bulk. In contrast, individual bottle storage might be perfect for the homeowner looking to keep the occasional bottle or two. While you could purchase a pre-made wine racking system, most wine collectors prefer having one built and installed according to their preferences. Red Leaf Solutions works with many of the industry’s premium manufacturers, including VintageView® wine racks.

    Today’s Wine Rack Features Are Limited Only by Imagination

    When designing wine storage racks, you’re limited only by your imagination. Today’s wine rack designs include wall mounts, storage cubes, grid displays, curvy cubes, and so much more to make them the focal point of any space. You also have a variety of finishes, hardware, and add-on accessories to consider, including LED lighting, wine lockers, and more. One thing most modern wine racks have in common is making them earthquake-resistant to prevent damage to your collection, with gravity stops between the bottles to ensure they don’t touch. Another ultra-important consideration is adding the right climate control system to keep your wines at the ideal storage temperature. Read Leaf Solutions has experience installing through-the-wall units, ducted systems, and split cooling systems, which we can install indoors or outdoors. If you’re unsure about the best type of climate control system for your home wine racks, check our frequently asked questions.

    Where Can Modern Wine Racks Be Used in the Home?

    Because temperature plays a significant role in preserving wines, modern wine racks work best in dim, cool spaces that allow better climate control. Historically speaking, cellars have made the best location for wine storage. However, if your home doesn’t have a cellar, a large closet under your stairs or in a converted garage space could do the trick nicely. Wine racks may be added to your kitchen, as long as you keep them away from your appliances and direct sunlight at all costs. No matter the size or space you have available, our team can help you integrate an ideal wine racking system for your needs.

    Contact Us for a Free In-Home Design Consultation Today

    Are you ready to get started with custom wine racks in Larkspur, Denver, Fort Collins, or a surrounding area? Whether you prefer metal or wood wine racks, we specialize in residential and commercial wine racks. Contact the Red Leaf Solutions team to get started with a free in-home design consultation. Modern wine racks aren’t just for fine dining establishments or mansions anymore. We would be happy to devise a custom racking solution to help you organize your wine collection and keep it stored under ideal conditions. Adding wine racks to your home will also help you increase your property value. Get the wine cellar of your dreams with the help of our friendly, experienced design team today!

  • Modern vs Traditional Wine Cellars

    Choosing A Custom Wine Cellar Design

    A custom wine cellar brings a room life of its own. Red Leaf Solutions provides Larkspur, CO residents with custom wine cellars and racking systems that meet their dreams for a wine cellar. Choosing between a traditional and modern wine cellar incorporates special features and unique design elements that give the room a specific feeling. You’ll need to consider the design that best fits your dreams for a personal wine cellar. We’ll help you find the modern or traditional wine cellar that is perfect for you. Both types of wine cellars preserve wine in the same way with a twist on their style.

    Wine Cellar Style

    The standard style of a traditional wine cellar is wood. Walnut, oak, mahogany, oak, and redwood are the most common types of wood used to build a traditional wine cellar. Many traditional wine cellars include barreled ceilings, natural stone, tile, brick, or rolling ladders. Most of the wine racks are made with rich wood types for durability in a temperature-controlled environment. Modern wine cellars don’t have a specific style. Many people love the look of frameless glass displays for their wine, while others love shallow wine walls with a polished look. The options are endless when it comes to a modern wine cellar style. The only thing you truly need to remember when designing a modern wine cellar is that the design might be trendy instead of classic. If you want a timeless design, it’s best to stick with a traditional wine cellar style.

    Wine Cellar Location

    An essential part of a wine cellar is the temperature. The space you choose for your wine cellar must have an active optimal temperature system with climate control for proper taste and aging. Many traditional wine cellars are built in the basement of homes because they usually provide the best environment for wine storage. Many modern wine cellars utilize advanced technology to create the perfect settings for wine anywhere in a home. If you can regulate the humidity and temperature to fit the needs of the wine, you can create a modern wine cellar anywhere without jeopardizing the wine. We offer climate control systems to ensure the temperature and humidity are always in perfect range.

    Traditional Wine Cellars

    Wine Cellar Lighting

    Traditional wine cellars are often in the basement of the home, tucked away from any light. Light can be detrimental to many types of wine due to its need for proper temperature and humidity control. Technology in wine cellars allows the use of light in more modern types of wine cellars. Switchable glass and UV filter features are a perfect addition to modern wine storage. This helps the wine be on display without worrying about protecting it from UV light. LED lighting offers a wine-friendly solution as it consumes less power and emits little heat next to any wine bottle. Instead of a dark area without much lighting, modern wine cellars allow your wine collection more of a visual aspect.

    Contact Red Leaf Solutions Today!

    Our design experts will help you choose the best wine cellar to fit your needs. We’ll send a design consultant to your home or business to discuss your vision for a wine cellar. We’ll explain your options for a traditional and modern wine cellar. We’ll help you find what best meets your vision from stained wood to a contemporary glass wine cellar. Whether you love a traditional look and feel or want to go for a modern design, we have the highest quality products and craftsmanship to bring your vision to life. We’ve designed and installed traditional and modern wine cellars for over 20 years. Our custom wine cellar designs ensure your wine collection is safe and ready for a pourContact us today to learn more about modern wine cellars design, traditional wine cellars design, and more.

  • Traditional Wine Cellars

    Traditional Wine Cellars in Larkspur, CO

    Larkspur’s Choice For Traditional Wine Cellars

    Rich woods and classic details make the feel of a traditional wine cellar unique to any home or businessRed Leaf Solutions designs and installs stunning traditional wine cellars in Larkspur, CO. We use natural, durable wood to create a warm environment for your wine cellar. For more than 20 years, we’ve served the area with customized wine cellars and wine lockers. Our tailored wine cellars complement the look and feel of your home or business. We’ll help you design the perfect traditional wine cellar to meet the needs of your surroundings.

    Traditional Wine Cellar Options At Red Leaf Solutions

    A traditional wine cellar design pays tribute to the first wine cellars designed with intricate details and beauty. Traditional wine cellars offer a luxurious, warm look and feel from the wine racks to the entryway. Now let’s talk about the flooring, ceiling, and walls. The most popular traditional wine cellar options include natural stone, tile, brick, wood floors, stone columns, and barrelled ceilings. Many people love traditional wood racking along the staircase with case storage. Granite countertops, brick ceilings, or stone floors are the perfect addition to complement the rich look of wood. We also consider the design of your traditional wine cellar doors. We’ll create a fully insulated, unique door that can be stained or painted to perfection.

    Beautiful wine cellar in Larkspur, CO

    Traditional Wine Cellar Climate

    Traditional wine cellars are commonly built-in dark, dry areas of the home. The most popular woods used for wine cellar racks include mahogany and redwood for their natural ability to withstand the humid, cool environment of a wine cellar. No matter the wood you choose for your traditional wine cellar design, we can control the temperature and humidity in any room with our climate control systems. Our climate control system helps any type of wood stay healthy while keeping your wine at optimal temperatures for taste and aging.

    Why Choose Us For Traditional Wine Cellar Installation?

    Red Leaf Solutions is excited to help you design a traditional wine cellar to bring your dreams of a beautiful way to display your wine to life. Our unique, customized traditional wine cellars combined with our stellar customer service ensure a positive experience. We offer free, in-home design consultations to showcase our stunning designs. Our wine cellars not only give you a place to store your wine collection but also offer breathtaking aesthetics. No matter how big or small an area, we’ll create the best storage for your wine.

    Contact Red Leaf Solutions Today

    Our expertise and expansive line of manufacturers ensure a positive experience with us. At Red Leaf Solutions, we only offer the best in design for your traditional wine cellar. Our experienced team provides comprehensive services to plan, design, and build your traditional wine cellar. Whether you’re building a new room or want to install a wine cellar in your current layout, we’re here for you. We invite you to contact us today for a free, no-obligation consultation. Contact us today to learn more.

  • Modern Wine Cellars

    Red Leaf Solutions Designs Modern Wine Cellars

    Modern Wine Cellars in Denver, CO

    When you want limitless options to display your wine collection, a modern wine cellar is a perfect choice for you. Red Leaf Solutions provides Denver, CO residents with sleek, beautiful designs of modern wine cellars. For more than two decades, we’ve designed and installed functional, gorgeous wine cellars. Innovative modern wine cellars are unique and adaptive to different areas in the house. Instead of the standard traditional wood structure of wine cellars, a modern wine cellar complements the home or company’s style. We’ll help you choose the best design to fit your vision for a wine cellar.

    Go Bold With Innovative Style

    We take bold to another level with our modern wine cellar designs. If you want frameless glass, shallow wine walls, or bulk storage, a modern wine cellar is an excellent choice. We incorporate a seamless function of a wine cellar with unmatched style in design. If you can dream it, we can design it. Our modern wine cellar styles range from the use of acrylics to sleek lines. Many people love the look of metal wine racks for their appearance and versatility. We can customize small modern wine cellars with low-profile designs that are still modern in appearance. Our team of design experts can create stunning visual modern displays that fit any space.

    Technology in Modern Wine Cellar Design

    There are many options to utilize technology in modern wine cellar design, including:

    1. Multi-zone temperature and humidity controls
    2. Hygrometers to measure humidity
    3. Smart temperature control
    4. Tracking inventory to recognize labels, manage bottles, and scan barcodes
    5. LED lighting
    6. Charcoal filters to help prevent odors from entering the area

    Very Modern Wine Cellar with-Illuminated Shelves

    Benefits Of A Modern Wine Cellar

    A wine cellar is one of the most unique ways to spruce up your home or business area while showing off your wine collection in a functional way. Some of the most significant benefits of installing a modern wine cellar include:

    • Enhanced Lifestyle – A variety of wines in your modern wine cellar allows you to step outside your comfort zone, indulging in different types of wine while socializing and boosting your health.
    • Boosts Property Values – The look of a modern wine cellar itself is enough to boost your property values. The feel of a classy wine cellar combined with high technology ensures enhanced home appeal.
    • An Investment Cellar – Some people think of wine as an investment because your wine bottle collection will grow in value over time. You could have thousands of dollars of wine one day in storage.

    Why Choose Red Leaf Solutions?

    When you want a modern wine cellar with a sleek, unique style, Red Leaf Solutions is here to make your design dreams come true. We’re committed to the highest level of customer service and craftsmanship. We live and breathe wine, so we understand what makes a wine cellar function at optimal performance. Our custom wine cellars ensure the proper climate control and environment for proper aging.

    Contact Red Leaf Solutions Today!

    We want to help you create the perfect modern wine cellar for your home. Check out our photo gallery to view our stellar wine cellar creations. We’ll work with you to design a modern wine cellar to meet all your needs and showcase your wine collection with style and class. Contact us today for a free, in-home design consultation.